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building a decentralized

hotmoon is a community based application The goal of hotmoon is to create decentralized applications in crypto, we are trying to follow the goals of Hotmoon by launching DAO on the blockchain platform, in the following you will get to know the active and future products of hotmoon.

Build , Build Build , Build !

What We Actually Do?

The team is building a decentralized idea every day, and these builds continue with community support

Idea to Buy More



The purpose of HotMoon ideas is to increase the demand for HotMoon purchases and this ecosystem will grow day by day

Most of HotMoon's programs are in the WEB3 space, because we believe that the future is in WEB3, HotMoon aims to exist in the future.

HotMoon programs help decentralize crypto, because crypto thrives on decentralization, moving towards decentralization.

We love taking products from vision to reality.See active and soon products below

You can stake your HotMoon and get rewards for your HotMoons, Dapp, Smart Contract Safe

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HotMoon decentralized wallet, active in 6 blockchains, Dapp, import Wallet, WEB3, is active in version v0.1


HotMoon helps you browse safely , Ad Blocker, integrated messaging apps and private mode.


Swap on HotMoon Dex without any transaction fee, Pool Safe, Smart Contract Safe, Dapp